Drive Sessions

by Bet Your Life

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released November 25, 2014

“Drive Sessions” singles recorded at Drive Studios, Produced and mastered by Steve Rizun, Cover Art by Cherith Walsh. All songs written and performed by Bet Your Life, all lyrics by Scott Blinch. Bet Your Life at the time of recording was Shawn Chipper, Scott Blinch, and Sebastian Dwight-Miholics. Special thanks to Just Another Punk Show, and London Indie Underground. CC BY-NC-SA, 2014




Bet Your Life London, Ontario

Bet Your Life, an independent punk rock band based out of London Ontario, reared its ugly head in the early spring of 2011. Known for their catchy choruses and in-your-face vocal styling, the members of Bet Your Life have been writing and performing original music together for approximately eight years. ... more

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Track Name: A Minor Collapse
Slipping through my teeth
Were the dust and smoke of a minor collapse.
I didn't need to say it;
You could see it clouding up the view.
Yet I shook my head at your finger tip,
Twisted distractions all around it.
The heated red and the broken sweat
Made an easy tell.

We all get thirsty mouths
When we jump from flood to drought.
While I didn't want to drown
I just couldn't rule it out.

If you needed air, would you ask for it?
I couldn't dip my feet in that embarrassment.
Foolish pride will do me in
As I'd sooner die than swallow it.
Plant your truths in the obvious;
I'll bury mine in self defence.
Never mind about the intent,
It's dead.

We all get thirsty mouths
When we jump from flood to drought.
While I didn't want to drown
I just couldn't rule it out.

In the end there are better things to talk about than this.
The smoke and dust will clear out from my head,
Just as soon as I can get around to it.
In the end, there is relief found in the act of taking breaths.
So why the fuck am I always holding them?
Oh, what I'd give to gain the will to act.
Or even just to talk about it,
And not just write a fucking song about it.
What good is art when it's all in the dark?
Track Name: As The World Explodes
Rinse it then repeat it.
There's a point to stop and we've passed it.
Excess. We've been here before.
Who's gonna draw that line?
Who's gonna build that wall?
Who's gonna cut that key to lock the fucking door?

If you're gonna draw the line
You've gotta let me know
Because I'll trip over it.
If you're gonna build the wall,
Be sure to lock the door
Or I'll let myself in.

Tension on the uptake.
There's opportunity in the craving.
Excess. It's gonna swallow me whole.
I'll let it coat my throat,
I'll let it drown my soul,
Before I find the nerve to just let it go.

If you're gonna pull the wire
You've gotta do it now
Before I become attached.
If you're gonna give an inch,
You know I'm gonna want the mile
So keep it to yourself.

We rinse it off and then we leave it to set
And try over time, to forget about it.
There's nothing clever but there is deceit.
We're leaving trails, indecisive and meek.
We rinse it off in hopes regret will fade.

I don't want to but there's no helping it:
I bear resentment like a hole in my head.
I understand that it's complicated
But these amended lines are boxing me in.

Drawn any closer and they'd leave stains on my skin.